Monday, 23 January 2012

Images of the London and Greenwhich Railway in 1836

I've been doing a piece on the London and Greenwich Railway (L&GR) for the Londoner's Diary site, which is exploring the diaries of Anthony Evans from the 1830s. I'd really recommend the site as it is a truly fascinating look back in time. In the course of my work I have come across two images of the L&GR that were recorded in the press at the time (both are clickable). The L&GR, which ran between London Bridge and London Street in Greenwich, was the first railway to have a terminus in London and be completely elevated. It opened to Deptford on 14 December 1836, with much ceremony, and the entire route was opened on 24 December 1838. Thus, because the railway was unique at the time it garnered a lot of media attention.

My more detailed article on the Londoner's Diary site will be coming very soon.


  1. Hi David,
    I will look out for the image of the viaduct that also shows the proposed idea for houses within a number of the arches. You may also be familiar with the image that shows an elegant row of shops facing inwards along the stretch the railway viaduct. Looking forward to the article.

  2. follow link for image of houses beneath the viaduct

  3. I only just found your site - and wondered what you had put about the London and Greenwich. I have been interested in its builder, George Landmann, for many years - and for the links which arise from a royal engineer someone who had worked as a battlefield engineer under Wellington, and then in the early gas industry with the younger Congreve. Glad you showed the arches - his father was Professor of Fortification in Woolwich and had himself trained under some of the greats of fortification technology
    Mary (