Thursday, 3 October 2013

London and North Western Railway Criminal Prosecutions - December 1878

In December 1878 the London and North Western Railway prosecuted the following number of cases:

Crime                                                                                          Number of cases

Robbery                                                                                                 6
Drunk and disorderly                                                                               4
Attempting to enter a train in motion                                                         3
Travelling in a superior class of carriage to that for which tickets were 
held + obstructing the company’s servants in the execution of their duty     3
Receiving stolen property                                                                         3
Travelling without a ticket                                                                         2
Interfering with comfort of passengers + obstructing the company’s 
servants in the execution of their duty                                                       2
Travelling with platform tickets                                                                  2
Pocket-Picking                                                                                       1
Drunk and assaulting a company’s servant                                               1
Travelling with ticket over date                                                                 1
Assaulting Company’s servant                                                                 1
Trespass                                                                                               1

 Source: The National Archives, RAIL 410/183, Traffic Committee minute book, Minute 31173, 10 January 1879

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