Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"He was ordered to leave" - A Drunk at the Victoria Station - 1872

On Saturday I posted a story about a drunk at the Midland Railway's Sheffield Station in 1872. However, this story was found directly below it:

'DRUNK AT THE VICTORIA STATION - Thomas Williams, miner, living at Handsworth was charged with being drunk at the Manchester, Sheffield and Lincolnshire Station. at about seven o'clock on Saturday evening the prisoner went to the Victoria Station in a state of intoxication. He was ordered to leave, and two porters accompanied him off the premises to see him safe away. Shortly after eight he was found wandering upon the line a short distance from the station, and narrowly escaped being run over by a train. He was given into custody. - The bench inflicted a fine of 20s and costs.'[1]


[1] The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, Tuesday, February 06, 1872, p. 7

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