Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekly Round-Up

I have been working on my book proposal this week before my big meeting on Monday (in York) with my supervisor which, I hope, will set me up for four months of hard editing of the thesis. Bring it on!

So here's the round-up:

Monday: Britain's first Dining Car - 1879
Tuesday: "He was ordered to leave" - A Drunk at the Victoria Station - 1872
Thursday: "Special Trains to London for the Duke [of Wellington's] Funeral" - 1852
Friday: Britain's Largest Employers in 1907
Saturday: Some Railway Worker's Accidents in the 1880s

No main blog post this week (I've too much on I'm afraid). But check out last week's offeringDid the Management Ever Control Britain's 19th Century Railways?

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