Sunday, 3 June 2012

Weekly Round-Up

Another busy week, but I managed to get my work off on Wednesday so now I am a bit freer to do things. I am so glad I got a main Turnip rail Blog Post out this week. I hate it when I cannot. Anyway, on with the round-up.

Tuesday: 'A Disgraceful Clergyman' (or not) - On a train - 1859
Thursday:'Watch Out' for Fagin and co. on a train - 1863
Sack containing overcoat, boots etc. without a label- 1912
Great Western Railway 'Camp Coaches' - 1935
"Could not give any account of himself" - Drunk on a train -1872

And don't forget the latest main Turnip Rail post - Did the Mangement Ever Control Britain's 19th Century Railways?

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