Sunday, 5 February 2012

This Week in Turnip Rail's Waiting Room - Weekly Round-up

Hello! This is the weekly round-up of everything that has been in 'Turnip Rail's Waiting Room' over the last seven days.

Monday - Desperate Encounter In A Railway Train
Tuesday - An Accident on the Tay Bridge - 1850 - Thanks for sharing Eleanor Harris! (@eleanormharris)
Wednesday - A Very Bad Railway Clerk, Mr Agnew
Thursday - 'Supremely Ignorant' - LSE Management Courses and Clerical Experience
Friday - The First Pages of Railway Company Staff Magazines
Saturday - The York Station Tea Room in 1907 (Now the York Tap)

Also, don't forget about this week's main 'Turnip Rail' Blog Post - "In No Way Were the Children Stinted" - The London and South Western Railway Orphanage - Part 2 

Also, I'd really recommend my friend Keith Harcourt's (@keithharcourt) new railway history blog 'The Railway Servant'. His latest post is on the history of freight on Britain's railways.

Lastly, I just want to say that if anyone has anything they want to share, please do. I always welcome interesting submissions for the Waiting Room.

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