Sunday, 19 February 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up


Well, what a week for the Turnip Rail Blog it has been. On Tuesday I celebrated its two-year anniversary and to mark this auspicious occasion I invited three railway writers who I admire hugely, Keith Harcourt, Terry Gourvish and Christian Wolmar, to do guest posts. Keith wrote on the London, Midland and Scottish Railway's publicity and propaganda amongst its staff, Terry provided some thoughts on the modern railway industry's fare structures, and Christian discussed what those making current rail policy could learn from history. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them once again for their excellent contributions. Furthermore, I added my own piece on my favourite blog posts of the year.

However, on this occasion I also have to thank all those who read Turnip Rail and make it what it is. Year two has been highly successful because you read my blog and with your support I'm hoping my third will be even better. So now on with the Waiting Room round-up.


Monday: PhD Snippet - Early Railway Directors
Tuesday: A Royal Train Flyer - 1898
Wednesday: "How London Created The Tube" - A Talk with Christian Wolmar and Theresa Villiers
Thursday: Retaining 'good' Clerks at the Cost of Innovation
Friday: "Motor Car will be shorty received" - An Interesting 'Urgent Train Message'
Saturday: Early Images of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway - 1833

Also check out this week's main Turnip Rail Post - 'The Railway Company do not want it.' - The L&SWR's Purchase of the Southampton Docks

Turnip Rail's Requests

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Furthermore, for a book I am writing on Victorian railway travel I am still asking for scans of images, documents and ephemera related to aspects of railway travel in the 1800 . While I have the required photos and documents for it, I was hoping that my lovely Turnip Rail followers may have some really interesting pieces I could use. I cannot provide payment, however, I will give full credit for every image published. There are some stipulations regarding the images; you will have to own the copyright personally and provide me (and Shire Books) permission to reproduce them. Also, the resolution has to be 300 dpi and they must be 16 cm wide. Anything will be very gratefully received (please use the email above).

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