Sunday, 12 February 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

Whether you believe it or not, and I certainly don't, on Tuesday it will be two years of 'Turnip Rail'. Because this is such a magnificent event I thought I would celebrate it with some interesting guest posts from some interesting guest posters. But today is not the anniversary, so they won't go up until then. This is more like an advance warning, just so you can keep your eye out on Tuesday!

Now on with the Waiting Room Round-Up for this week:

Monday: Suffragette Attack on a Railway Carriage - Teddington, 1913
Tuesday: Meet A Railway Luminary, No. 2: Archibald Scott
Wednesday: The False Memory of a Railway Clerk
Thursday: A [Very] Short History of Shorthand on the Victorian Railway
Friday: Images of the Great Eastern Railway Steam Laundry - 1912
Saturday: ABC Timetable for the Great Central Railway - 1907 

I am also putting out a plea for scanned images of aspects of passenger travel on the nineteenth century railway (stations, carriages etc.), as well as scans of documents and ephemera related to the subject. The reason is that currently I am writing a book on Victorian railway travel for the lovely people at Shire Publishing. While I have enough photos and documents for the book, I was hoping that to find some really original ones. While I cannot pay, I'll give full credit for every photo published. However, there are some stipulations for the scans; you will have to own the copyright and give me (and Shire) permission to use the images; they also have to be 300 dpi  and be 16 cm wide. So if you have anything, please email, they will be very gratefully received.

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