Sunday, 26 February 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

This week has certainly been interesting for a number of reasons. On Wednesday I attended a wonderful lecture at the London Canal Museum by Christian Wolmar on the history of the tube, followed by a question and answer session with transport minister, Theresa Villiers. The evening, which was supporting the Westminster Society - a charity that supports people with learning disabilities - gave me a great chance to meet Christian, who so kindly wrote a short piece for my two year anniversary last week. But, the week was tinged with a hint of sadness. As I related on Friday evening, yesterday was my last ever visit to The National Archives as a student. It was certainly the end of an era you could say, but from now on (well, after I finish my PhD) I can research whatever I want at the archive and that fills me with excitement.

So here's what has happened this week:

Monday: The Size of a Railway Company Boards
Tuesday: Selling a Railway Wagon - Advertising in 1905
Wednesday: "The most desperate efforts to avoid the ladies" - Observing Station Activity (1868)
Thursday: Introducing: Ross D. Mangles - A 1840s Railway Director
Friday: The End of and Era - A Last Visit to the Archive of a Finishing PhD Student
Saturday: Lost property on the Railways - A Rule Book 

Don't also forget this week's main Turnip Rail blog post: The Station Refreshment Room after 1870 - Part 1

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