Sunday, 4 March 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

It has actually been a quite quiet week for me with regard to my railway work. I had some revelations about management practice being transferred from the London and South Western Railway to the Midland and South Western Junction Railway - but that is it really. All I'm really doing is working very hard to get a draft thesis finished by the 29 March. Also, unpleasantly, I have my re-interview for a job tomorrow, so I am revising for that - not fun.

So, I suppose I'll just get on with the update.

Monday - The Hours Train Drivers Worked - 1892
Tuesday -Steam on the Underground in 2012
Wednesday - A Drowned Express Train - 1875
Thursday -"gentlemen residing at different points" - Railway Directors in the 1850s
Friday - 'The Position of a Station-Master is not Arrived at in a Day.' - Promotion in 1889
Saturday - "Begs to Acknowledge Receipt" - The Importance of the Railway Form

And do not forget this week's main Turnip Rail post - The Refreshment Rooms of Spiers and Pond - The Station Refreshment Room after 1870 - Part 2

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