Sunday, 25 March 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

Hello all - I have little to report this week, apart from the fact that I am working hard to get my draft thesis in by Friday. It is going well, and hopefully I will have it finished on time. However, I it has rendered me a social hermit. But heck, that's what I signed up for all those years ago. Here's the round-up:

Monday: The Tale of Dare Devil Dick
Tuesday: A Brief Thought or Two On the New King's Cross
Wednesday: 'Calculated to lead to accidents' - The North Midland's Staff Policies, 1842
Thursday: "John! ARE YOU SURE YOU LOCKED UP THE HOUSE?" - 1913
Friday: "Terrible Collision at Hampton Wick" - Interview with the Signalman
Saturday: Travelling By Railway Without a Ticket - 1851 

And don't forget this week's main Turnip Rail Blog - The Social Backgrounds of Female Railway Clerks - 1875-1886

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