Saturday, 31 March 2012

Robberies at Nine Elms Locomotive Depot - 1871

On the 7 September 1871 the Locomotive Committee Minute Book of the London and South Western Railway (LSWR) recorded a crime:

Read report of Inspector Potter of 25th ulto as to Charles William a labourer at Nine Elms [Locomotive Works] having been detected in the robbery of some calico and some webbing belonging to the company, for which he has been sentenced by the magistrate to two months hard labour.
          Mr Beattie [the Locomotive Superintendent] to have 20/- to reward the person who gave information of the robbery and the Policeman to have 10/- reward.[1] 

Yet, this robbery was not the only one at Nine Elms in 1871, and only a month later the same committee book has the following entry:- 

Read report from inspector Potter of 21st ulto as to the robbery of some brass and white metal from the Locomotive Department at Nine Elms for which two men are to be tried at the next Newington sessions.[2]

Clearly, robbery at Nine Elms was a bit of a problem for Inspector Potter.

[1] The National Archives [TNA], RAIL 411/182, Locomotive Committee Minute Book, Minute 339, 7 September 1871
[2] TNA, RAIL 411/182, Locomotive Committee Minute Book, Minute 348, 5 October 1871

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