Sunday, 18 March 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

In all honesty, not much has happened in my week. But yesterday I turned 30 and that feels a little odd. I haven't got worked up about it, after all it is only adding one year. Indeed, as I mused in yesterday's post, I look forward to the next ten, and the rich fruits they may bring. Now for the round-up:

Monday: Boy Killed By and Engine - 1876
Tuesday: The Occupations of 10 Railway Directors in 1847
Wednesday: Hampton Court Station - Past (1912) and Present
Thursday: Britain's Most Profitable Railway? - The Salisbury and Yeovil Railway
Friday: The Other Victims of the Staplehurst Accident - 1865
Saturday: So I'm 30 today - Bring on the Next Decade!

Also, do not forget the main Turnip Rail Blog Post: An Early Railway Manager - A Perpetual Failure

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