Friday, 27 April 2012

100th 'Waiting Room' Post - Some Favourites

I was going to pop up the second part of the entrance requirements for new Great Northern Railway clerks from 1856. However, I then noticed that this would be my 100th 'Waiting Room' post. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to list some of my favourite posts from the site. I have employed no rigorous analysis or criteria to choose the posts, they are just the five I liked the most:

23 January: Saving a Historical Railway Document for the Public
27 January: Thomas Wenham's Little Brown Book (1856 GNR Rule Book)
22 February: "The most desperate efforts to avoid the ladies" - Observing Station Activity (1868)
10 March: Extensive Frauds and Forgeries on the Great Northern Railway Company - 1856
23 March: "Terrible Collision at Hampton Wick" - Interview with the Signalman 

Many thanks to everyone for supporting the 'Waiting Room' over the last few months - it is very appreciated. Also, please remember that if you come across anything that might go well in the waiting room I am always open to submissions.

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