Sunday, 22 April 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

This week I have been very busy with work. However, on Friday and Saturday I attended the Archives, Artefacts, Amateurs and Academics conference Derby run by the Historical Model Railway Society and the Business Archives Council. Some of my initial thoughts were given in Friday's 'Waiting Room' post. However, my full conference report is to be found on the main Turnip Rail Blog today.

So here's the round-up:

Monday: The First London and Birmingham Railway Advert - 1837
Tuesday: What Happened to Families Whose Houses were in the Railway's Path?
Wednesday: The Hole in the Wall - Victoria Station's Signalbox and Dickens
Thursday: The Membership of the Railway Executive Committee in World War One
Friday: Archives, Artefacts, Amateurs and Academics

And don't forget my main Turnip Rail Post - Archives, Artefacts, Amateurs and Academics - A Conference Report

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