Sunday, 8 April 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

Felix Pole - GWR General Manager 1921-1929
Well, what a week I've had. Most of it was taken up by writing and editing my thesis, however, at the start I got some very good news about a book I may be writing after my PhD. I'm saying no more as I don't want to jump the gun - but I am very excited. So here's the round-up:

Monday: Great Western Railway Marriage Allowance - 1912-1920s
Tuesday: A sad tale - Simply becuase he didn't hear the train
Wednesday: From Labourer to London Bridge Station Superintendent
Thursday: Handel Festival at Crystal Palace - Handbill
Friday: Testimonial to a Railwayman - 1854
Saturday: Railways' Rising Costs in the late Nineteenth Century

And don't forget my main Turnip Rail post this week: 'Titanic' and the London and South Western Railway - An Intimate Relationship

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