Sunday, 15 April 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

Pretty uneventful week railways-wise; more hard work, but then what changes. However, I have left the library in which I work after six and a half years - I have been manager for four. So, I am very sad about that.

So on with the round-up.

Monday: "Attempts to defraud companies" - Evasion of Railway Fares - 1849
Tuesday: The Career of an Engine Driver, 1840-1891
Wednesday: A Serious Charge Against a Station Master - 1888
Thursday: Examinations for New Railway Clerks - 1850s and 60s
Friday: "The first shock of a great earthquake" - Dickens and Railway Construction
Saturday: Wi' fine pair o' legs - A Railway Navvy's Ditty - 1858-59

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