Sunday, 1 April 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

Again, not a very eventful week. I've got my head down trying to finish the PhD, which is coming on well. Indeed, I may actually finish the draft by Easter - I hope. I'll probably let you know next week.

Monday: Staff at the New Basingstoke Station - 1905
Tuesday: Early Images of the Waterloo and City Line - 1898
Wednesday: 'Fined 20s., and 22s. costs, for fraudulently travelling'
Thursday: Women's wages on the LNWR - 1913
Friday: The Cost of a Room - London and North Western Railway - Hotel Tariff 1880s
Saturday: Robberies at Nine Elms Locomotive Depot - 1871

And don't forget this week's main Turnip Rail Blog - The Hours Victorian Railway Clerks Worked - 1856

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