Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Narrow Escape - 1883

Luckily for many, we don't have carriage doors that passengers can open themselves any more. However, I do wonder how many times events such as the one below, from 1883, occurred in the age of the slam door.

'A NARROW ESCAPE - At Crewe, on Friday, the 31st ult, Wm. Fitch, a respectably dressed man, was charged with being drunk at Crewe station. The defendant was travelling by a Birmingham train, and as it was running into the station he attempted to step onto the platform, but he fell between the platform and the train, and narrowly escaped being killed. He was let off with a penalty of ten shillings.'[1]


[1] Cheshire Observer, Saturday, September 08, 1883; pg. 7; Issue 1622

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