Sunday, 13 May 2012

Waiting Room Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to the weekly round-up. I have to confess that not much has happened this week in the world of trains. I am still slogging through the book proposal, so that is taking up a lot of time. But once I get this don, I won't have any more things to do apart from finish the PhD, and my, am I looking forward to finishing that.

Here's the round-up

Monday: "The Cross-Border Archive Project"
Tuesday: The Expected Politeness of Railway Officials - 1848 (N.B. To be read with an innocent mind)
Wednesday: The few Railwaymen on Strike before 1870
Thursday: 'Improved & Additional Express Service, London to Scotland'
Friday: Elizabeth Ainsworth - Railway Office Cleaner - 1892
Saturday: Collision on the Midland Railway [of a Beer Train]

And don't forget my main Turnip Rail post - A Brief History of the Female Railway Clerk 1830-1914

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