Sunday, 27 May 2012

Weekly Round-Up

I should really apologise for the lack of a main blog post this week. Again, this isn't out of laziness, I just have so much on with the end of my PhD that it is starting to get on top of me a bit. Hopefully, I will have one next, as by Wednesday, hopefully, I will have sent off my work to York in preparation for my final thesis advisory panel. So, here's the round up of what has been in the 'Waiting Room' this week:

Tuesday: LADIES ONLY - Carriage Compartment Label
Wednesday: The Number of Railway Companies in Britain 1830-1910
Thursday: The First use of the Word 'Railway'? - 1776
Friday: The Great Western before the Great Western - 1826
Saturday: "The Guards have a Top Coat served out once a year" - Railway clothing 1848

And don't forget the latest main Turnip Rail post - A Brief History of the Female Railway Clerk 1830-1914

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