Sunday, 20 May 2012

Weekly Round-up

So I went to Ireland in the week, which was a treat. However, I only saw trains on bridges above me. I don't think that 'riding the rails' in Ireland would be different to here, after all, from what I saw everything looked almost identical. Apart from that it has been all hands to the pumps work-wise. Yet, I feel much more confident that I will get my PhD finished on time, or even earlier. However, what I should say to all my lovely readers is that I may be very slack on posts over the next four months as my work nears completion. I will attempt to post things, but please forgive me if I don't get round to it. Anyway, on with the round-up.

Monday: In the event of a passenger being drunk and disorderly.... 1889
Tuesday: North British Railway Advertising - 'Scotland's Golf Course'
Wednesday: London and North Western Railway Dining Train - 1905
Thursday: A Narrow Escape - 1883
Friday: "friendly, almost family" - The London and South Western Railway and the 1911 strike
Saturday: Filthy Railway Carriages

And don't forget the latest main Turnip Rail post - A Brief History of the Female Railway Clerk 1830-1914

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